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SPUNK consists of four young musicians whose main goal is to play the music they think is the most beautiful in the world. They do this by using improvisation as their basis.

SPUNK started out in 1995 by exploring whatever we found interesting in the musical field. Since that, a lot of people have visited our concerts, seminars and bought our music.

SPUNK's musical field is hard to describe, because we're 4 musicians with very different backgrounds - classical, contemporary, jazz, pop, rock, techno, noise, even country - that makes a musical landscape which is new to most people, even to well trained musicians.

SPUNK has played in very different kinds of settings: Theatre, dance performances, classical concerts, jazz clubs, techno clubs, churces, malls, art museums and festivals abroad and in Norway, collaborations with musicians and composers from various music genres, improvisation seminars, school concerts, concerts with participants, film music and music for art installations. During all this, SPUNK has met all kind of people with an interest in music (or maybe without as well), and people with any preferences seem to enjoy what they are doing. We try to give people the opportunity to experience something more complicated and challenging than what they usually do, no matter what kind of artistic expressions it involves.
    SPUNK's albums:
  • det eneste jeg vet er at det ikke er en støvsuger (1999)
  • filtered through friends (2001) (remix album)
  • den øverste toppen av en blåmalt flaggstang (2002)
  • en aldeles forferdelig sykdom (2005)
Read more about the albums here.

latest news

SPUNK's website March 13. 2010

SPUNK's website is being redesigned and will soon be updated with our current plans and activites.

SPUNK with Joelle Leandre June 15. 2008

March 3 2008 SPUNK played together with double bass player Joelle Leandre at Belleville, Oslo. We are hoping to play together again soon!

SPUNK reviewed by John Kelman May 22. 2008

...But the best music, as in the best lives, is all about confluence and contrast; pain and pleasure; harsh and beautiful. Spunk manages to bring together all these elements, making their performance one of the highlights of FIMAV 2008 and, quite possibly, the best show of the festival. Read the whole article. at

Reviews from FIMAV! May 20. 2008

"...on ne pouvait que se laisser bercer par les sentiments inspires par cette suite musicale etrange, intuitive et audacieuse." "Norway's all-female Spunk breaks the gender barrier when it comes to free improv with their combination of boldness and sensitivity and non-competitive spirit." (Montreal Gazette.

SPUNK to FIMAV, Canada May 13. 2008

On Norway's national day, May 17, SPUNK will be playing in Victoriaville, Canada, in the programme of the wonderful festival Festival International de Musique Actuelle Victoriaville (FIMAV). Hurra!

upcoming performances

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